Water Feature Design & Installation

Natural Water Features in South Surrey / White Rock

Being around water is good for your health. It lowers blood pressure, lessens anxiety and improves mood. Trickling streams, splashing waterfalls, and bubbling fountains add a freshness to the air, inviting us to breathe more deeply. Scotty’s Landscaping & Design of South Surrey / White Rock, BC specializes in creating water features that are eye-catching yet naturalized with their environment.

Scotty’s Landscaping & Design can customize a beautiful water feature that enhances the attractiveness of any size yard. A water fountain or small burbling stream in the front yard may be the ideal way to welcome visitors to your home. A secluded pond offers the perfect place to relax and unwind. Add koi fish, a footbridge, or a meandering path through unique plants to complete the look.

Scotty’s Landscaping & Design has decades of experience designing water features suitable for all types of terrains, lifestyles and aesthetics. We can design and build one from scratch or fit one into an existing yard design. Decorative bird baths, wall fountains, and pondless waterfalls fit in small spaces and require little maintenance. Waterfalls, streams, cascades and rain curtains can all be flexibly designed to showcase an area of your property, or be a striking centerpiece themselves.

Benefits of water features

  • Improves air quality, decreases noise pollution
  • Uses recirculated water making them very low water use
  • Energy efficient
  • Health benefits including increased relaxation and reduced stress
  • Flexible in design; can fit any aesthetic and any space
  • Enhances property value

Contact Scotty’s Landscaping & Design at (604) 312-8924 to discuss which water feature would work best for you and your property. Based in South Surrey, and serving White Rock, Morgan Creek, Ocean Park, Langley, Cloverdale, Chilliawck, Surrey and more in the greater Vancouver area.

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