EnhancE Your Property with outdoor Lighting EFFECTS


You put a lot of effort into making your property look great. Make sure it stands out just as much at night. Differents kinds of lights and techniques can be used to show off impressive architectural features on your house. It can highlight focal pieces in your yard, as well as enhance the safety and security of your property after dark. The award-winning team at Scotty’s Landscaping and Design are experienced in the installation and use of various kinds of LED lighting to artfully produce many beautiful effects.

LEDs are more energy efficient and cheaper to install, operate and maintain compared to halogen or fluorescent lights. They’re cool-running and long-lasting, having a lifetime of about 20 years with regular use. Lighting professionals at Scotty’s Landscaping and Design know what kinds of lighting to use to obtain the best look when viewing your property from inside and out.

Note: We charge a $120 Consultation Fee. This will be part payment for your project, thanks.

PROFESSIONAL techniques used in HOME property lighting

  • Uplighting: shone upward creates sharp contrasts and definition, great for shining up into trees, fountains, statues, walls and architectural features of the house
  • Downlighting: shone downward from a height, creates a gentle, diffuse light resembling moonlight, great for trees, patios, pathways, garden features, porches and entryways
  • Floodlights, spotlights and bullet lights: bright lights with broad to narrow beams, great for lighting large areas, walls, trees, paths and focal points
  • Underwater: hidden in streams, waterfalls, fountains, and cascades, creates an intimate, serene environment

Outdoor lighting to enhance safety and security is just as important as creating a beautiful ambiance around your home. Add lights to pathways, driveways, patios, perimeters, steps and doorways to ensure a clear view when moving around your property. A well-lit yard is much less inviting to burglars looking for an easy way in.

Scotty’s Landscaping & Design are your outdoor lighting specialists. Based in South Surrey, we provide service to Surrey, Langley, White Rock and beyond. We’re proud of the work we do and keep you involved and informed every step of the way. Our worksites are left neat and safe at the end of each day so there’s never a mess or concern. From consultation through to aftercare, we want you to be happy.

Great property lighting starts with a fantastic design and professional installation. Contact Scotty’s Landscaping & Design at (604) 312-8924 to discuss how best to show off your home and property with garden lights.

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