Pond Repair & Water Feature Repairs | South Surrey / White Rock

Ponds and water features sometimes require repairs. And, yes, we can fix your pond or water feature. Sometimes these water features may not have been installed correctly, but often they have just aged and need maintenance or repair.

We not only install water features, but we also repair them. Here are some of the common water feature problems that we see:

1. Pond is leaking

2. Waterfall line or water circulation line is clogged

3. Filter isn't working

4. Pond water is green

5. Pond water doesn't support life (fish)

6. Water doesn't flow properly

7. Rock work has collapsed

8. Critters eat your fish

9. Pump isn't working

10. Too much splash / not enough circulation

11. Nothing is working

There isn't anything going on with your water feature that we haven't seen, built, or repaired before. We can fix your pump problems, your leaks, and whatever else you can throw at us.

Sometimes parts wear out or may be clogged or may be damaged from weather or outside influences. Remember, your water feature is not indoors in a museum; it's outside and subject to all the outside elements. So, it's not unusual to have problems with them from time to time.

We love water features, and we think they add a lot of interest to a landscape. They can, however, break down on occasion, so, don't worry--they can be fixed.

Just Contact us, and we'll get right on it.


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