Landscaping with Natural Stone Walls

Dry Stacked Stone Wall Design and Construction

Dry-stacked natural stone walls add an ageless beauty to any property. In the hands of a skilled builder, they become works of art. Single or multi-tiered accent walls, retaining walls, terraces and borders are the perfect way to add functionality, elegance and dimension to your yard or garden. The creative team at Scotty’s Landscaping and Design are experts in designing and building beautiful stone walls that last for generations.

Dry stack construction is an ancient building technique that involves stacking and interlocking stones without the use of mortar. These walls are strong and exceptionally durable. They remain flexible so that any settling or shifting that occurs is absorbed by the wall itself. They drain well, and if you want to move it, or if a section suffers damage, it is easily dismantled and rebuilt using the same material.

Benefits of dry stacked natural stone walls

  • Flexible in design, varied and unique
  • Strong, resistant to damage, low maintenance and easy to repair
  • Durable enough to last lifetimes and ages beautifully
  • Adds dimension, elevation, shaping, and definition
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Complements both modern and rustic designs; water, wood, glass and greenery

Natural stone walls have a rich history of enhancing gardens, courtyards, flower beds, reading nooks, waterways, pathways; anywhere you can think of. Scotty’s Landscaping and Design of Surrey uses natural basalt and quarried stone to achieve a variety of looks for any setting.

To discuss ideas for a natural stone wall for your property, contact Scotty’s Landscaping Design at (604) 312-8924. We proudly serve Surrey, White Rock, Langley, and more.

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