Design a Water Feature in Winter, to Enjoy It in Spring

December 25th, 2019
Design a Water Feature in Winter, to Enjoy It in Spring

Water features have different sizes and styles! Here, we present for you some great ideas for water features.

Types of water features that we will talk about include the following:

Fountains and Bubbling Boulders

Bubbling boulders are a fantastic option for those people who want the ambiance of water feature but have a limited budget and space. With a wide variety of rocks and boulders, there are options for every style, from rustic to modern. Various holes can be unearthed into bubbling borders for extra visual interest. The options are infinite, from big decorative vases to basalt columns.

Pondless water features

These types of water features do not create an accessible pool. They can include formal spillways, recirculating streams, and waterfalls. Pondless water is popular because they give an elegant white noise of rushing water.


The ponds are exposed in an open body of water. They can contain fish and, if so, will require beneficial bacteria, plant life, and aquatic life. Depending on their depth, ponds can be a hazard for children or small pets.

If you have installed one of the above water features, here is our ultimate step guide to making sure that you avoid possible damage that may occur due to harsh winter conditions.

The Guide

When the weather begins to change and the temperature goes down, it is the right time to prepare your water feature for the winter. We advise you never to allow ice to form in your water feature.

When it is pretty cool, start emptying the water. If you have a big feature, you can empty it with your friend. All the water in the feature needs to be removed! If any water has remained inside the base, you can mop it up to remove it.

If you want the water feature to run throughout the winter, and your temperatures outside will stay above freezing, then add a small heater for insurance. What you don't want is for the water to freeze inside a pump or filter mechanism, which can destroy it.

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