5 Tips for Designing Garden Lighting

March 28th, 2020
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Resting in the garden after a long tedious day can be a fantastic way to reduce fatigue and stress. Garden lighting is very beneficial in all gardens, whether you live in an urban or rural area.

Below are our top five best tips on garden lighting.

1. Almost every garden should have a kind of stunning feature.

It could be a water fountain, trees, some trellis, or a bunch of plants.

You should install some lighting for your garden to draw attention to your central feature, whatever it is.

Water is an exceptional communicator with light. Adding to the presence of a water feature with different lighting systems is easy to achieve.

Plants and trees are friendly to lighting, and various lamp shapes permit the light to penetrate via the canopy to bring in additional depth and volume.

2. Using lighting for visitors.

Think about where people will walk or congregate, and what they will see.

Come up with a strategy on where the lighting should be can powerfully attract folks to different areas of the garden. The mixture of light and dark objects will make your garden beautiful.

3. Think safety

Do stairs or walkways need to be illuminated for safety? Are there areas that need light like near pool heaters? Do pets needs lighting for trips outside?

4. Shadows and silhouettes

The use of shadow in the garden will give extra character to the scenery. Most people think of down lighting, but uplighting can be very effective in a garden.

5. Think implementation

In some areas, solar lighting may be more practical then running electrical wire. Think of how the lighting can be installed before making a final plan.

There are plenty of creative ways that you can use garden lighting. We've only touched on five of them.

If you need some help with your garden lighting, contact us. Landscaping is our business, and we're experts on garden lighting.

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