4 Common Pond and Water Feature Problems and Repairs

January 31st, 2020
Common Water Feature Problems and How to Repair Them

We love ponds and water features. They are beautiful and relaxing to watch, and they add a lot of interest to any landscape design.

We design, install, and repair them, even if we weren't the ones who originally built yours. In fact, we get a lot of calls about repair of water features.

Here are some of the most common problems with them, and in brief, how to repair them.

1. A pond is leaking

You may notice that your water level is going down faster than it should just from evaporation. This means there is likely a leak somewhere.

A hose or filter housing may be leaking, or the structure itself may be leaking. Draining the pond to change or install a liner is a drastic solution--especially if you have fish living in it--so we would certainly examine the other easier-to-fix possibilities first. Older ponds may not have had been built with a liner, and it's not unusual for concrete to develop cracks with age.

2. Nothing turns on

The solution here could be a lot of things, depending on how your feature was designed. An electrical connection may be damaged, a pump could be broken, or something solar powered could have a dirty sensor or a dead battery. We would examine this closely and check all the individual parts. 

3. Water movement is too slow or too fast

The problem here may be a pump that is over-sized or under-sized or just not adjusted correctly. The water outlet may be aimed in the wrong direction or need adjustment. Piping may be clogged or just not sized accurately.

4. Water in the pond is green (or black)

This is typically a filter problem, and water color represents an overgrowth of microorganisms, typically algae or diatoms. How we fix that depends on your set-up and whether or not your are supporting live fish and/or aquatic plants. There are different solutions available depending on the individual case and size of the pond.

There is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution to water feature problems. There are so many different sizes, designs, and equipment that we really have to look at each case separately. But we're happy to help.

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